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Having moved to the Green Phase of reopening, Verona Borough Council has been working to navigate what that means for our Community. One of the biggest challenges so far has been whether it’s safe to open the parks, playgrounds and restrooms at the parks. Verona Borough Council is taking COVID-19 seriously and is trying to find the best solution possible to both keep people safe and also provide access to our outdoor facilities. As of Friday June 12th the Parks, Playgrounds, and Restroom facilities will be open entirely for public use. Like before, they will be closed at dark and reopened in the morning, but the community will have full access to Cribb’s Field, Riverbank Park and Railroad Park. The restrooms at Cribb’s Field will be open and will be cleaned by the Department of Public Works every morning, Monday through Friday. We are asking all residents to please use appropriate precautions while using these facilities. Please follow CDC Guidelines regarding safe social distancing practices. Within the next few weeks we will be having new fall surfaces installed in the playgrounds. We will give notice when we have an accurate date of installation but playgrounds will be closed during that time. For now, please enjoy our beautiful parks and playgrounds, get some fresh air and stay healthy. Verona Borough

Verona was named by combining the names of the Verner & Iona Railroad stops along the Allegheny Valley Railroad.  Formerly, Verona was noted for its railroad shops, industry of tool, steel-casting & iron works, along with lumber yards and a chemical plant.  In year 1900, the number of people living in Verona was 1,904; the population increased to 2,849 in 1910. The population was 2,474 at the 2010 census.The Verona Borough is home to the American Beverage Corporation which operates a large-scale production facility where the railroad’s train roundhouse once stood on Plum Creek.The Verona Borough is a part of the Riverview School District. Verner Elementary School, named after the town’s founder, is within walking distance of houses, parks, and the center of town. Verner Elementary School


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Verona PA Government

The Verona Borough is located on the left bank of the Allegheny River 15 miles northeast of downtown Pittsburgh.   The Verona Borough has evolved into a walking community with stores, parks, and waterfront access.

Public Services

We have various public services listed on the website for the community of Verona Borough. You may view them HERE

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Verona has many events and activities occurring throughout the Borough. If you are looking for any specific events information please view our calendar HERE

Verona PA Life

Verona is full of amenities, small businesses, and a rich culture of Yinzers . Check out our Verona PA Life page right HERE to learn more.

Verona Borough

Incorporated in 1871, Verona Borough is nestled against the Allegheny River 15 miles outside of the city of Pittsburgh.

The Borough of Verona was incorporated on May 10, 1871. This diamond in the rough is located on the left bank of the Allegheny River about 15 miles northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. With its small town charm, Verona is poised to transform from one of the regions best kept secrets to a destination spot!

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