Emergency Management Committee

Verona Borough is required by Pennsylvania law to establish an emergency plan and to appoint an emergency management coordinator to oversee and operate it if needed.    Though used rarely, emergency preparedness represents one of the most important aspects of borough government.  Appointed by council, the coordinator can be any resident of the community or any borough employee. In Verona, the Mayor, working closely with council, the chief of police, the fire chief and the head of the maintenance and streets department, serves as coordinator of the emergency plan.  Emergencies range in nature and severity from weather related to humanly caused emergencies.  The council must feel completely satisfied that the emergency coordinator can handle any situation that may arise and know how and when to declare a state emergency for the safety and well-being of Verona’s residents.In the case of a real emergency, tune to any local radio or TV station for information, instructions and updates pertaining to it.Contact the Emergency Management Committee by calling the borough manager at 412-828-8080. More emergency preparedness information can be obtained by following the following links; ACES, PEMA, FEMA , HOMELAND SECURITY

Zoning Hearing Board

Ed Jablonski
Angela Ochipinti
Donald Worf
Dori Tompa
Bob Geiselhart
Rhoda Worf (Alternate)

To comply with its zoning ordinance, the Verona Council  appoints a Zoning Hearing Board to hear appeals on the legality of the zoning ordinances, accuracy of zoning maps or any decision of the zoning officer.  The board is empowered to grant variances and special exemptions to the ordinance. The zoning board is comprised of a board appointed, 5-member panel made up of non-elected community members. The zoning board must appoint its own solicitor who is not the borough solicitor to avoid any conflict between the zoning board and the borough council.  The Zoning Hearing Board meets on an as needed basis.For any questions concerning the Zoning Hearing Board, contact the borough manager at 412-828-8080.

Planning Commission

Dan Gould - Chairperson
Frank Paradise
John Tamburro

The Planning Committee can be used to explain to its residents how the borough is planning for its future growth.  Primary responsibilities of the planning commission involve land use, land development and zoning issues.  Verona’s planning commission follows the guidelines contained in the municipal planning code in making its decisions. As with the zoning board, planning commission members are non-elected community members appointed by council and serve four year terms.  This board stays in tune with land use, land development and zoning issues in the borough.Contact  the Verona Planning Commission by calling the borough manager at 412-828-8080.

Verona Business District Advisory Committee (VBDAC)

Verona Recreational Board

Board Members:
Trish Showalter- Co-Chair
Vince Flotta - Co-Chair
Laura Jacko - Secretary
Tim Long - Treasurer
Rhea Homa - Member
Jim Ashbaugh - Member
Nancy Carpenter - Member

The Verona Democratic Committee

Sylvia K. Provenza – Chairperson – District 03
Donald C. Worf – Vice Chairperson – District 02
Kathy Mattocks - Treasurer - District 01
Rene BickertSecretary – District 02
Luke Mattocks - Member - District 01
Pantelis L. Mamatas – Member – District 03 elected by the voters of the Borough of Verona in the May 2018 Primary Election. Allegheny County Democratic Committee  [LINKS]

The Verona Republican Committee

Dan Showalter - Chairperson
Kelli LoAlbo Collins - Vice Chairperson
Jim Ashbaugh - Treasurer
Bonnie Wilhoit - Secretary

Contact VeronaGOP@comcast.net

Verona PA Municipality Building

736 E. Railroad Ave., Verona, PA  15147
Office: 412-828-8080  Fax: 412-794-8691
Borough Secretary: Christine DeRunk
Borough Website: www.Veronaborough.org