The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority has created the Clean Water Assistance Fund to help families pay their sewage treatment bills. This program serves low-income homeowners in the 83 municipalities that ALCOSAN serves. It is administered by Dollar Energy Fund.

Who is eligible? The Clean Water Assistance Fund is available to ALCOSAN service area homeowners who meet family income limits set by the federal government.

How much will I save? The grant from ALCOSAN’s Clean Water Assistance Fund is $42 every three months. The credit will be applied to your account by the agency that bills you for sewage treatment – for example, these bills may come from Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, Jordan Tax Service, Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority, your municipality or some other agency. The credits will automatically appear every three months, even if you are billed monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

How do I apply? You can sign up by phone or through a local social service agency, but the easiest starting point is to call Dollar Energy Fund at 1-888-282-6816.  The Dollar Energy Fund can help you to find the agency closest to you or to set an appointment. You will need to provide a copy of your water/sewage bill, which includes ALCOSAN charges, so have that available. You also must provide the Social Security number of the rate payer and proof of your household’s monthly income. If you already are eligible for an assistance program through another utility, you can use that approval to verify your eligibility.

More information can be found on attached flyer:  ALCOSAN 2023 CWAF Flyer (1)