Pickleball at Riverbank Park

Riverbank Park has four state-of-the-art pickleball courts, with high quality permanent nets and a professional quality playing surface. The courts are free and are open to everyone, from 9:00am until dark, except during bad weather.

Courts #1 and #2 are always available for drop-in play, no reservations needed.

Courts #3 and #4 may be reserved in advance during non-peak hours, which are 11:00am until 5:00pm
Mondays through Fridays. Reservations for these two courts can be made through an online signup system maintained by the local pickleball club. However, if no one has reserved these courts, they are also available for drop-in play, no reservations needed.

Occasionally, some or all of the courts may be reserved for special events, either for pickleball events such as tournaments, or by Verona residents for other events. These reservations must made through the borough’s Park Permit Application for Riverbank Park, available here.  Special events can be seen on the online signup system pages.

There is a whiteboard mounted on the fence at the back of the courts, near the benches. This is used to keep track of who is waiting to play, if all courts are in use.

Please note the following rule, which is intended to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to play during crowded conditions:

If people are waiting to play, all courts (except those that have been reserved in advance) are “4 in 4 out” and all players must leave the court when their game is over. The next group on the whiteboard takes that court for one game, then leaves. Games must be doubles (4 players) and cannot be longer than 11 win by 2.

To stay informed about pickleball events, send email veronapickleball@gmail.com to be added to the monthly email list.