Forms & Permits

Council passed a Revised Comprehensive Fee Schedule in December 2021.

Form NameForm DescriptionPDF File
Rental Inspection ApplicationUse this form when there is a change of tenant in a rental property or when there is a new rental unit available.View PDF
Regulated Rental License ApplicationThis form is to register a rental unit as required by local ordinance.View PDF
Zoning Permit ApplicationThis form is the first step in acquiring a dumpster or building permit as well as for putting up a fence, swimming pool, or shed. If you would like to make any alterations to the property, this is most likely where you will start. Once a zoning permit is issued, you can continue the process. This step confirms that the planned use is allowed by right according to local ordinance. If it is not, then you can go before the Zoning Hearing Board to discuss your case.View PDF
Zoning Hearing ApplicationIf a person wants to make a change to the property or use of property that is not allowed right, then the person can apply to go before the Zoning Hearing Board to discuss the case. This is the application to begin that step of the process.View PDF
Park Permit Application - Cribbs FieldThis application is to rent all or a portion of the facilities at Cribbs Field.View PDF
Park Permit Application - Railroad ParkThis application is to rent all or a portion of the facilities at Railroad Park.View PDF
Park Permit Application - Riverbank ParkThis application is to rent all or a portion of the facilities at Riverbank Park.View PDF
Park Special Event Permit ApplicationThis application is used in conjunction with a park permit application for any of the three parks when a person wants to host a special event in a park including those during which alcohol may be served or sold.View PDF
Street Opening PermitThis is used when a person, company, utility company, etc. needs to open the roadway for service. For example, to repair water, gas, or sewer lines.View PDF
Dumpster PermitWhen a dumpster is placed in the public right or way then a dumpster permit is required. A zoning permit will also be required.View PDF
Neighborhood Tip SheetThis tip sheet can be used to report a concern to the police or to code enforcement. This is not to be used for emergencies. In the case of an emergency, call 911.View PDF
Dog License ApplicationThis is a form that is sent to Allegheny County. It is provided here as a convenience. Direct questions and the completed form to the County.View PDF
PA Right-to-Know Request FormIndividuals have the right to request records that are subject to the Right to Know Law.View PDF
Municipal Lien Letter ApplicationWhen there is a transfer of ownership of property, a municipal lien letter is frequently requested by title companies. Sometimes individuals make the request. This is the form that begins the process of the Borough preparing the letter.View PDF
Sewer Dye Test Certification FormAny plumber licensed to work in Allegheny County can complete this form and submit it to the Borough as part of the title transfer process.View PDF
Application for ComplianceAll units are required to be inspected prior to a title transfer. This is the application to request an inspection.View PDF
Letter of Intent to Remedy TemplateIf a unit is being sold and has failed the required inspection, the buyer can sign and have notarized a letter outlining the defects. This is a template.View PDF
Building Permit ApplicationWhen a building permit is required, complete the sections of the permit that are applicable to the project.View BIU Forms
Street Closure Permit ApplicationThis application is required to request closure of a street for an event.View PDF